Happiness Journey

I write today to share a part of my happiness journey.  Before I do, I must provide a shout out to my amazing and supportive Hubby. Without him, I wouldn’t have had the ability to leave my past job to start working at uncovering my dreams. It is with his hard work and dedication to Caleb and I that I can work to fulfill my dreams of entrepreneurship or being a mamapreneur (more about this later).

On October 24, 2016, I completed the first of many integrated communications courses that I am taking over the next year. Since I left the startup job in 2014, I knew I wanted to go back to school. It has been a long-time goal of mine to continue to enrich my mind in the world of online marketing and communications. I was lucky to discover that DePaul University offered a certificate program through their continuing education business school, the topics of which are totally in my wheelhouse of what I was looking to study.  The best part about them, aside from a night off from mama duties, is I choose the courses that interest me and there is no course work, just a final project.


My website and blog, was my final project for my first course, practical internet marketing. I presented my work to my classmates and received a certificate!  I learned so much during that course not only from my instructor but from my classmates as well.

In fact, a few classes ago, we were discussing blogs and I shared with a classmate what I wanted my blog to be about—and she gave me the idea that no matter the title—I should include happiness in it and so Life, Kids & the Pursuit of Happiness was born.

Today, I spend my days juggling motherhood, playdates and driving my son to his activities, building my personal brand and identity as well as providing marketing coordination for a couple of small business owners.  To be honest, being a stay at home budding mamapreneur parent is not easy, it has been a stressful transition for me—someone who has been working full time for so many years to suddenly not have that full time professional outlet, where I am in the throes of client meetings and endless emails.  I miss (a little bit) having people to respond to as soon as I wake up and see the red circle count of emails on my phone.  I miss (a little bit) having conference calls and proposals due.

I wouldn’t change my situation; I enjoy getting Caleb off to school and picking him up a few days a week. I am lucky Caleb has an amazing Grammie who has dedicated every Monday to caring for him and wonderful support system of friends who I can count on too for the drop off playdate!  I enjoy that Caleb is happy to have his mama at his activities and to watch him interact with his friends at playdates but I think I was a better mom, when I was working full time.  How many parents out there get to the end of the day and by end of the day I mean 4 or 5 o’clock and just want to hide from your kid(s)? By the end of the day, he is exhausted and I am exhausted from the endless nagging and reminders of being a good listener, to wash his hands and overall trying to teach him to be a good tiny human. Let’s be honest, I am only entering month four of being a stay at home budding mamapreneur and I am sure as we develop a better routine it will be easier as time goes on. I constantly think about how much more patient I was when I had almost full time help and I had my head focused on both my son and my work.  I wanted the best of both worlds and I sure got it!

To bring this post back—I am happy—90% happy, maybe 89%. But, I am working my way towards that goal of feeling settled with my SAHM status, relationship with my husband and budding marketing consulting business.  Fulfilling bucket list items of continuing my education and focusing on ME, taking one day at a time. If you could relate to one thing in my post, then I feel accomplished at my goal of providing some relief or inspiration on your personal journey.  Over the next few weeks, I’ll connect with other stay at home budding mamapreneurs in my community. It’s actually going to be an ongoing theme in my blog. Come along with us to learn about their highs and lows to their life of managing their families and their personal businesses. Above all, providing each woman with a place to have a sense of self and balance of raising their children and fulfilling personal dreams. You’ve uncovered a supportive community at Life Kids and the Pursuit of Happiness. I am happy to have you along for my journey.

Yours in Happiness,


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