Makeup Free and Top Knot Tight

I’m having a moment, a pinch-me moment.  You know the kind, where you’re not sure how you got here and is it for real? I legit live my life in yoga pants, typically with my hair up in some type of top knot style, most days make up free. I like to think I have a style, I certainly can put myself together when it matters most and have a love-hate relationship with my two favorite stores.  The love of it is, I can usually always find something, the hate of it is, I can usually always find something.

About a month ago, I submitted a piece of my writing to a blog that empowers women who work.  Let me rephrase, a blog that empowers moms who work and are making it work.  Here is a little snip of my story.

“I love working, I love my job. I honestly, don’t think I could ever give up working to some extent.  I love having something that is mine, something outside of being a mother that brings me purpose.”

Does that sound like you? Does my story resonate with you? Do you want to read more? Check out my post over at The Chaotic Commute.  Follow @thechaoticcommute on Facebook & Instagram and join them on the #ChaoticCommute through life! #momalliance


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