My sister, Julie, called me up the other day, a typical occurrence now that we’re all back to our regularly scheduled programming, and shared that I must listen to this podcast.  “Podcast?” I asked— She was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t listen to podcasts.  I didn’t really give them much thought, to be honest, my social circle doesn’t discuss the podcasts they listen to, which is odd now that I think of it since the more I bring up this podcast, the more my friends all tell me that they LOVE podcasts! Julie says, “You should listen to this one episode from the “The Lady Gang, it’s all about social media, and I think you’d get a lot out of it.” “Cool, I respond. I’ll be sure to check it out.”  Sure enough, after a number episodes, a few additions to who I follow on Instagram, a couple downloaded recommended photo editing apps later, I’m hooked on “The Lady Gang”.

The most recent guest was Hillary Kerr, owner and founder of Who, What, Wear and countless other brands—a self-made #ladyboss, she knocked my proverbial socks off.  This was an insightful hour—I started my blog and website in the Fall of 2016. I wrote 5 blogs and then…it was the death of my blog–cue death theme song here. My best friend was diagnosed with breast cancer, I was juggling two social media clients and pitching others in between carpools and playdates, taking marketing courses at DePaul at night—I was left with ZERO time.  Life legit took over, and at the end of the day, or the end of the few hours I had alone each day, I was more focused on the companies that were keeping my closet stocked with the latest from Evereve and weekly manicures than my #sidehustle.  Hillary shared during this episode that for anyone looking to become a #ladyboss, “you must treat your side-hustle with the same energy as a full hustle.”  This my friends and/or two or three readers will be my ultimate goal this year.

To be honest, I think I’m almost killing it at my marketing company gig.  I’m down to one awesome client, which over the past year has evolved from just social media with a side of marketing to additional hours and a crazy amount of opportunity to help them grow their brand.  Not only am I the little boss of their Facebook and Instagram pages, I also took over as the first responder for all the leads that come in.  Something that I was hesitant to undertake because I really wasn’t interested in selling again; however, super excited that I did, because I’ve witnessed firsthand that the changes I’ve helped to weave into the company’s processes have led to increased new home contracts.  #winning

I set off last year to start my blog, sign 4 clients and, continue my happiness journey. Well shit happens, I let my blog lapse, I signed two clients that consumed my child free time and continued to be happy. Today I have one amazing client, that wants me to work for them exclusively, a restarted blog and smiles.  I’ll take this as a major career win and steps in the right direction to reach my goals.  I’m off to focus on my #sidehustle and figure out what’s next. For my readers out there, it’s never too late to get back at it. Whatever getting back at it means.  Sometimes all it takes is listening to an empowering woman to knock you back into orbit.  What do you want to get back at? It doesn’t have to be a work-related goal, it could be getting up earlier, being more patient with your spouse and/or kids, cooking dinner one more night a week.  Whatever your goal—reach for it. GET BACK AT IT!


Comment below on your how you’re going to get back at it, favorite podcast or happy thoughts about winning at life!