Thoughts on this Yom Kippur Morning

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For the past several years, I have taken on the great responsibility of the break-the-fast meal. This meal has always been my favorite.  Memories of my Bubbie’s delicious cheese soufflé and Great Aunt’s tuna fish salad. To this day are some of favorite dishes and you can’t go wrong with a bagel and cream cheese, right?? But I digress, my story. So with my great responsibility, my house has to be clean, the meal has to be delicious and the table and décor must look stellar. So yesterday, in my haste to get all the groceries purchased I headed over to the local market and started my shopping. I entered the floral department and asked the woman working for some help designing an arrangement for my mason jars.  You would have thought I was asking her for a million dollars! Instantly she was on edge of from my request—I couldn’t understand why she was coming at me with such an attitude.  I surely was not rude to my request.  As I looked around to find the best flowers-another woman who worked at the market approached me.  This woman was super sweet and ready to help me shop for my flowers.   The first woman would not let her attitude go. The flowers will make me happy, and look beautiful on my table.  It is here that I am letting go of the anger and putting good positive energy into the world.


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This experience got me thinking about the message of Yom Kippur.  I was proud of myself, I didn’t rise to her angst, I could have but it wouldn’t have helped the situation. This woman clearly had something more important on her mind that was causing her this duress.  Maybe she was yelled at by her manager, maybe she had a fight with a friend or is sick.  In any event, we never know what is going on in someone else’s life.

On Yom Kippur, we enter the day of Atonement decreeing to G-d asking for his forgiveness before our sins are recorded in the Book of Life.  While I can’t physically go and ask for forgiveness on a personal level from those I have wronged over this past year, (I don’t think it was that many) I do want to ask for his forgiveness. This morning I repent.

  • Sometimes I forget that everyone has a story, everyone has something on their mind and I am Sorry G-d for not being understanding to their needs.
  • Sometimes I am too quick to judge and for that G-d I am Sorry.
  • Sometimes I am not as patient and for that G-d I am Sorry.
  • Sometimes I think more about myself and my needs and not the needs of others or my family and for that G-d I am Sorry.
  • Sometimes I am not as kind to other as I should be and for that G-d I am Sorry.
  • Sometimes I am stubborn and inflexible and for that G-d I am Sorry.
  • Sometimes G-d I eat too many sweets and drink too much vodka and for that G-d I am sorry.

Today I ask for forgiveness and send positive thoughts and vibes into the world.

I wish all who celebrate an easy fast.  I hope I am not judged to harshly for the small sip of water I drank when I woke up parched and brushing my teeth so people can come near me today. What are you asking for forgiveness for?



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